Photo Tote Bags

Photo Tote Bags are always a hit!

Like most everything we do, photo tote bags are made with a sublimation process to give a quality and long-lasting image.

Unlike an “iron on” style which sits on top of the surface, sublimation becomes a permanent part of the fibers at a molecular level, meaning that the image is a part of the fibers and can’t rub off. This gives great quality, vibrant colors, and longevity – all at a competitive price.

Our Tote Bags are 15″ x 15″ with handles.

They make a fantastic personalized bag when a guest adds their own photograph to the bag!

Photo Tote Bag options for customizing

Guests can customize their bags in the following ways (Please choose one option per event).

  1. Send in their image
  2. Take a photo at the event and put it on the bag
  3. Have our team create fun sayings or even our “Motivational Sayings” at the event.

Each has its benefits. ie. Sending in their image makes it something they’re more likely to keep and use. Taking the photo at the event makes it something that is “now” and “present” and allows for event customization and branding. Sayings give guests a creative outlet for ideas.

Copyright info. Each guest agrees that they have permission to print the image they send in. Fun Fotos To Go / To Go Events INC has no way to check this at each event. So unless it’s an obvious copyright violation (ie. Football team logo etc) we take guests at their word. We do not imply ownership of any images that are reproduced at the request of the guests and any images displayed here are photos of images that guests imply ownership of.