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Favorite Photo Cell Phone Cases is a Fun Fotos Original!

We’ve seen others try to copy us, with laughable results. Don’t be fooled – we are the MASTERS of the FAVORITE PHOTO PHONE CASE!

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Photo Cell Phone Cases

Imagine getting a phone case with your favorite picture or design on it!

Now your BFF, your boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, spouse, pet, design, parent, favorite quote or whatever you can imagine can be on your phone case.


Our exclusive technology (or combination of technologies) allows us to have guests text message or e-mail their images to us and we print their favorite image and put it on a permanent phone case. And we can do it relatively FAST!

Plus… the cases are great. We hear all the time “when we heard they were making phone cases we thought they’d be cheap, but these are amazing!”.

This is one of the top three most popular things we do – and for good reason! In fact, though we’re out doing this type of event quite often, we’ve always been so busy that we rarely remember to take pictures or video. But that’s coming soon.

If you’re a corporate or school sponsor – we can also add your logo/event information onto each case for personalized branding.

Here’s a blog post about how we’ve served our corporate clients recently.

WOW do people love our custom phone cases that USE THEIR FAVORITE PHOTOS to create a phone case just for their phone. Talk about personal!!!



Every Photo Phone Case Event Includes:

  •  2 staff members to enter the data and prepare the phone covers
  • Up to 4 hours of non-stop case making (usually 200-250)
  • The inclusion of your logo if desired
  • Plenty of supplies so we never run out of the basics
  • Highest quality materials and equipment

Available Options & Upgrades

  • Additional hours
  • Second crew to DOUBLE our productivity
  • Add Pucker Powder, Popcorn Machine, Mini Golf, Cannonball Airblaster or many of our other events that require minimum monitoring, or that can be run by volunteers.
  • Add these events and save! See options at or contact us for details.

What they're saying about License Plates To Go

Everything went great! Kim and CJ were so gracious and they were wonderful with the students.
The phone cases when great and our students loved the novelty, it was super popular! We’ll be sure to reach out again as needed.

To Go Events LogoFun Fotos To Go is a proud part of the To Go Events family and through that site can offer a number of entertainment options beyond what we offer here.


We are represented in the COLLEGE MARKET exclusively by Everything But the Mime. 9 time winner of “Agency of the Year” by the APCA! Contact them at 407-856-2412 or visit them online.

  • An area of campus with a good cell phone signal
  • 3 – 6 or 8 foot tables
  • 110v power
  • 2 chairs (one on wheels if possible)
  • Trash can nearby
  • We can be most productive indoors, if outdoors we must be protected from wind and direct sunlight and under cover or a tent.
How many cases will you make?
  • As many as we can make in the time we’re there.
  • Usually, that number is between 180-240, though it depends on if there is a steady line (there almost always is) or there are rushes.
  • We’ve made as many as 250 in 4 hours
  • We come prepared to make about 25-50 more than our busiest event ever. We’re never the guys who “run out of ink, paper or supplies”. We come properly prepared. Some limitations come with case styles.
Do we have to provide helpers?
  • If you’re expecting a very large crowd then it’s helpful to have someone to manage the line.
  • We’re pretty good at it, but since we’re focused on assisting the next person in line, we can’t always manage the line too. You’ll know the needs of your event better than us. If you think you’ll need a volunteer – please arrange it in advance.
  • It’s also helpful to have an assistant when it’s time to close down the line (often we have to do this as much as 30-60 minutes before the event ends to make sure we can serve everyone in line).
Can we do our event outdoors?
  • Please let us know the event is outdoors before we give a price quote as events are always quoted with indoor pricing.
  • Note that all outdoor events are scheduled at the customer’s risk – so we strongly recommend that you have a back up plan.
  • To Go Events/Fun Fotos To Go will always maintain the right to refuse to set up outdoors if there is a safety issue because of weather.
  • If set up outdoors a 10×10 tent should be provided as shelter for the computer, printer and other electronics that can be affected by heat, wind and moisture.
  • Tents outdoors should have sidewalls available to protect from wind.
  • Outdoor events may cause inconsistencies in print quality because of moisture, heat etc.  We always recommend being indoors.
What kind of customizing options are available?
  • Logos
  • Custom colors to match company or school colors exactly
  • Custom clip art if requested (beyond the included 500+ we already offer)
  • Just about anything you want – we can make it that way.
What is Sublimation?
That’s a great question!

Sublimation is the process used to make our street signs, mugs, license plates, cell phone cases and other permanent items we offer.

We print with a special ink, on a special printer (that uses no heat), onto a special paper (that allows the ink to sit on top of it with minimal absorption), then affix the print to the substrate (that’s what the unfinished product is called) and apply heat and pressure. When heat and pressure are applied that’s when the chemical reaction takes place. The ink is turned into a gas that permanently bonds with the special treatment on the substrate (yes, it has to be something special, we can’t press onto just anything) and it becomes, at a molecular level, a part of the substrate. It’s water, ink and weather resistant. And the results are beautiful!

Do you charge by the piece or by the hour?
All sublimation events are booked by the hour (with a 4 hour minimum rate).

Can you make phone cases at our trade show booth?
Yes! It’s one of our primary markets and it’s always a huge hit.

Here’s a blog post about just such an event on our To Go Events website.

If a case is available for a phone – we bring it with us to events (all phone cases are subject to availability from our suppliers).

Here are current models we come prepared to make cases for:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6+
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7+
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8+
  • iPhone X (NEW!)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy s7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 +
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Nexus OneX
  • …and, if we don’t have your case we have key chains and we also now have a cash/credit card/ID holder to use with your existing case. It’s super cool.

Note: we always pack the most we’ve ever done at an event plus 20% more for newer phones. This generally covers demand. However, there are rapid changes in what phones are popular so we cannot guarantee the availability of all phones for an entire event because of such anomalies.

Further Note: Some of the older phone cases are being phased out by manufacturers – so we’re relying only on what we still have in stock.

If you’re looking to order a single phone case we are now set up to do just that!

Our customized product designer will allow you to upload your own photo, add text or clip art and place your order on line.

Visit for all available phones, pricing and options.

Fill out a form to have info and pricing sent to you. Please include city/state so we can quote travel too.