Photo Mugs To Go

Photo Mugs To Go

Photo Mugs are available with just about anything that you want. We’ve got humorous mugs to choose from, coffee themes or you can design your own or have us design something specifically for your event.

Photo Mugs from Fun Fotos To Go are a great way to give a high perceived value item to your guests with a relatively low cost.

We can make about one mug a minute completely customized with your photo on one side and anything you want on the other side. What a great way to memorialize family weekend, homecoming, valentines day, corporate meeting or any other event.

The mugs are amazing looking and will last forever.

Photo Mugs To Go have unlimited possibilities.

We’ve included galleries here of mockups that we’ve done for clients (you’ll get a mock-up to approve before your event too) as well as some of our “stock” quotes and available mugs.

Best news is… we can do anything you want with these mugs!

Every Photo Mug Event Includes:

  •  Photographer/Designer and Assistant to press mugs
  • Up to 4 hours of non-stop motivational mug making (usually 200-250)
  • Customization of an event-specific photo frame
  • Lots of choices of what you want the mugs to say
  • Plenty of supplies so we never run out
  • 4 continuously running mug presses
  • Banner Stands or Books with samples of choices (if applicable)
  • Highest quality materials and equipment

Available Options & Upgrades

  • Additional hours
  • Second crew to DOUBLE our productivity
  • Add Pucker Powder, Popcorn Machine, Mini Golf, Cannonball Airblaster or many of our other events that require minimum monitoring, or that can be run by volunteers.
  • Add these events and save! See options at or contact us for details.

What they're saying about Photo Mugs To Go

It was AMAZING! Thank you so much for everything!
It went great! Everyone loved the mugs and the keychains. The keychains were of outstanding that was really great. The mugs were great as well! Kim and May were so agreeable and pleasant and were perfect for these events!
Our "Mug Shots & Mini Golf" event was a smashing success. Fun for all! We gave CJ a run for his money with temps at 2 degrees, felt like 16 below (gotta love that Iowa wind). Thanks for always sending great artists and products our way. I never run out of good things to say about your agency (Everything But the Mime & To Go Events).
The mugs were a hit! Thanks so much for working with us. The students loved it! Gus and James were very easy to work with, and I hope they had a great day as well!
Quynhlynnette Nguyen Nicholls State University
The event was Awesome! Everyone, including our campus president, thought it was such a great event. We haven't done anything like this before...I appreciate the crew helping me look good! Students talked about the event all week and even asked when we were going to do it again. Staff and faculty want to do it sometime since they didn't get to participate (I had such a long line that I only allowed students). We had a hot chocolate event that evening and some of the students brought their new mugs to the event to use. HA! THANK YOU for everything...and THANK YOU to Gus and James for being awesome!!!

To Go Events LogoFun Fotos To Go is a proud part of the To Go Events family and through that site can offer a number of entertainment options beyond what we offer here.


Fun Fotos To Go was the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities National Award Winner for 2019 Novelty Function of the Year.

We participate in Block Booking through APCA at all conferences

  • 3 – 6 or 8 foot sturdy banquet tables
  • 10’x 20′ space
  • 2 electrical outlets, preferably on separate circuits
  • 90 minutes to load in (all tables etc should be ready when we arrive so we can start on time).
  • 2 chairs (chairs on wheels are a bonus!)
  • Access to water to fill jugs to cool mugs, a mop closet is perfect, bathroom sink can work, but access to a janitor sink is easier and faster.

    Motivational Mugs Tech Needs

    Here’s what we need for Motivational Mugs

How many photo mugs are included?
  • As many as we can make in the time we’re there.
  • Usually, that number is between 220-240, though it depends on if there is a steady line (there almost always is) or there are rushes.
  • We’ve made as many as 300 in 4 hours with perfect circumstances. Once.
  • We come prepared to make about 25-50 more than our busiest event ever. We’re never the guys who “run out of ink, paper or supplies”. We come properly prepared.
Can we customize our mugs?
  • Of course. That’s the fun of it. You can include a specific background, any overlay for event info, logos etc. We can literally do anything.
  • The “Motivational Sayings” are limited to the ones we have, but if you have a favorite saying or quote that is specific to your organization, let us know, we’ll see if we can add it for your event.
  • Logos, hashtags and custom frames around the photos are included at no additional cost.
Do we have to provide helpers?
  • For Motivational Mugs it’s helpful to have someone to help us manage the boxes and garbage that are produced as we uncase hundreds of mugs. It’s not required, but helpful.
  • If you’re expecting a very large crowd then it’s helpful to have someone to manage the line.
  • We’re pretty good at it, but since we’re focused on assisting the next person in line, we can’t always manage the line too. You’ll know the needs of your event better than us. If you think you’ll need a volunteer – please arrange it in advance.
  • It’s also helpful to have an assistant when it’s time to close down the line (often we have to do this as much as 30-60 minutes before the event ends to make sure we can serve everyone in line).
Can we do our event outdoors?
  • Please let us know the event is outdoors before we give a price quote as events are always quoted with indoor pricing.
  • Note that all outdoor events are scheduled at the customer’s risk – so we strongly recommend that you have a back up plan.
  • To Go Events/Fun Fotos To Go will always maintain the right to refuse to set up outdoors if there is a safety issue because of weather.
  • If set up outdoors a 10×20 tent should be provided as shelter for the computer, printer and other electronics that can be affected by heat, wind and moisture.
  • Tents outdoors should have sidewalls available to protect from wind.
  • Outdoor events may cause inconsistencies in print quality because of moisture, heat etc.  We always recommend being indoors.
What kind of customizing options are available?
  • Logos
  • Custom colors to match company or school colors exactly
  • Custom clip art if requested (beyond the included 500+ we already offer)
  • Just about anything you want – we can make it that way.
What is Sublimation?
That’s a great question!

Sublimation is the process used to make our street signs, mugs, license plates, cell phone cases and other permanent items we offer.

We print with a special ink, on a special printer (that uses no heat), onto a special paper (that allows the ink to sit on top of it with minimal absorption), then affix the print to the substrate (that’s what the unfinished product is called) and apply heat and pressure. When heat and pressure are applied that’s when the chemical reaction takes place. The ink is turned into a gas that permanently bonds with the special treatment on the substrate (yes, it has to be something special, we can’t press onto just anything) and it becomes, at a molecular level, a part of the substrate. It’s water, ink and weather resistant. And the results are beautiful!

Tell me about the mugs themselves.
  • Our standard mugs are 11oz white ceramic porcelain mugs
  • 14oz and Latte mugs are available at an additional cost
  • Mugs with colored handles and insides are also available at an additional cost
Do you charge by the piece or by the hour?
All sublimation (the process used to make permanent changes to hard surfaces) events are booked by the hour, not by the piece.

Check out the “order a mug online” tab if you want to order an individual mug after an event or just because you think they’re cool.

What other themes do you have?
Great question. Not everyone want the Motivational Mugs – so we have the option of doing literally ANYTHING you want on the mugs.

That being said, we have a few options available where we can offer dozens of choices such as:

  • Funny Sayings Mugs
  • Coffee and Tea Sayings Mug
  • Clip Art Photo Mugs (choose from hundreds of clip arts)
  • Money Mugs (photo on a $1000 bill & printed onto a mug!)
  • Love Mugs (perfect for valentines day
  • Our combined imaginations are the limit
Do you take the photos or can we send one in at the event?
  • Yes.
  • Both options are available. But they use different technologies and programs, so they can’t both be done at the same event. You’ll need to choose before the event.
  • Most events use photos taken at the event as it is much faster and we can produce more mugs.
  • And we also have the option of students sending in their “favorite photo” and having that printed on a mug. This option has limitations of availability as it is a highly technical process and the staff that know how to do that quickly and seamlessly are limited as they’re also our busiest guys. We’ll also need a strong cell signal and a solid connection to your wifi to be provided.
Can we take mug pictures using your Magic Mirror?
  • We are working on that. We’ll let you know soon.

Order a custom mug here. 

Our motivational quotes are available in the product designer. Combine that with your own photo and have a mug shipped to you!

Fill out a form to have info and pricing sent to you. Please include city/state so we can quote travel too.