Mini Street Signs To Go

Mini Street Signs To Go

Mini Street Signs give flexibility, high perceived value and a comfortable price point for event planners. Plus, they look amazing! One of the best “values” we offer!

Our Mini Street Signs To Go are a fun and unique addition to your programming possibilities.

Printed with ANY NAME or MESSAGE that students want.  As a bonus option, guests can have the sign bent to be made into a cuff bracelet if they so prefer.

Hundreds of backgroud options are available, and it can say anything.

These cuff bracelets are metal and use a sublimation technique that permanently bonds the image to the metal for a long lasting memento of your event.


Mini Street Signs are a low cost and flexible option for sublimation events.

Guests choose from over 100 patterns for the background of their cuff bracelets and can add words or monograms to them as well. The combinations are endless.

Every Mini Street Sign Event Includes:

  • Designer to help create great looking mini street signs
  • Assistant to press signs and bend into bracelets if needed
  • High quality aluminum substrate
  • Ability to bend like a bracelet or keep straight as a sign
  • Plenty of supplies so we never run out
  • Highest quality materials and equipment
  • Branding to your event if desired

Available Options & Upgrades

  • Additional hours and/or additional crew to increase output
  • Mini Golf To Go, Giant Games, Carnival Games and more.
  • Add Pucker Powder, Popcorn Machine, Mini Golf, Cannonball Airblaster or many of our other events that require minimum monitoring, or that can be run by volunteers.
  • Add these events and save! See options at or contact us for details.

Can we do our event outdoors?
  • Of course. Many of our events are held outdoors – please read below for details.
  • Please let us know the event is outdoors before we give a price quote as events are always quoted with indoor pricing.
  • Note that all outdoor events are scheduled at the customer’s risk – so we strongly recommend that you have a backup plan.
  • To Go Events/Fun Fotos To Go will always maintain the right to refuse to set up outdoors if there is a safety issue because of weather.
  • If set up outdoors a 10×15 or 10×20 tent should be provided as shelter for the computer, printer, other electronics and photography backdrops that can be affected by heat, wind and moisture.
  • Even though we use high-quality backdrops & frames, they can act like a sail in even modest winds – so there needs to be something to protect from wind.
  • Tents outdoors should have sidewalls available to protect from wind.
  • Outdoor events may cause inconsistencies in print quality because of moisture, heat etc.  We always recommend being indoors.
Can we customize our bracelets?
  • Of course. That’s the fun of it. Your bracekets can say anything.
  • We can even use a school, company or brand specific design.
Do you charge by the piece or by the hour?
  • All events are booked by the hour not by the piece.
How many bracelets are included?
  • As many as we can take in the time we’re there.
  • We can make about 1 bracelet per minute – often times more!
  • We come prepared with more supplies than could possibly be used at a single event.
We are not based anywhere near you - can you fly to our event?
YES! Cuff Bracelets and Mini Street Signs are one of the few sublimation events that we can fly in to. So the whole world is open to you!

Can you give us some ideas of themes?

  • #Hashtag jewelry – what hashtag best describes you? #awesome!
  • Names – put your name onto a bracelet. Guys can get theirs on Camouflage or diamond plate metal – girls on floral prints – or vice versa if you want!
  • Without bending them – these make great MINI STREET SIGNS!
  • Class Spirit – what class are you in? Wear it with pride.
  • Goal reminders – no need to tie a string around your finger – these cool bracelets will remind you to keep on track.
  • Photo bracelets – put a picture of your favorite person (or yourself) onto a bracelet.
  • Friendship bracelets – get a picture of you and your BFF on a bracelet – we’ll print one for each of you.
  • Military hero bracelets – bring a picture of your serviceman or woman and we’ll put it on a bracelet with a yellow ribbon to remind you of them.
  • Monograms – let us put your monogram on a bracelet.
  • Greek Letters – we have all greek letters and can customize your bracelet to represent your fraternity or sorority.
  • 2 – 6′ or 8′ banquet style tables
  • Minimum of 10×20 space with 10×25 or larger being better
  • 2 – 110v outlets (one for our tech gear, one for the chair)
  • Indoors is preferred, however if outdoors we also need:
    • Covered area or tent with protection from direct sunlight and wind for the photographer.
    • We recommend a shaded area for the chair, especially in hot weather.
    • Tent must be staked or weighted down.
    • Tent should have side and/or back walls
    • Client assumes all risks for outdoor events (we recommend a back up venue just in case of inclement weather)

Green screen photos in real time

Green screen photos in real time

Backgrounds & Overlays Explained

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