360° Photo Booth Experience for college and corporate attractions

360° Photo Booth Experience

The next level in photo booth experiences – 360° of video and fun!

What your guests will share looks like this

In our quest to bring fun, interactive and high-quality attractions to your events we have added the best quality 360° Photobooth experience. It’s an entertaining way to provide your guests with something unique and to give them something they’ll gladly share on social platforms that promotes your event and brand.

Guests step onto a low platform and stand with 1, 2, 3 and even 4 (smaller) people. They stand back to back and the camera zooms around them and takes a video. Effects are automatically added and by the time guests are off the platform their video is rendered into a fun, sharable short video like the one seen above that is branded to your event.

Guests then enter their phone number or email to get their video sent to them. AirDrop for Apple devices is also available.

Pictures and videos from our events are coming soon as this is a brand new part of our business. You can be one of the firsts- just fill out a form here and we’ll get in touch.

The 360 video booth (lets face it – it’s video, not photo) is perfect for weddings, college events, corporate events, banquets, trade shows, activations, festivals, sporting events and anytime that you want to create a fun, socially sharable, event that people will love.

What to expect!

Togo with CameraOur 360° Video/Photo Booth will be a hit!

Once guests see the booth set up, and more importantly, the end result of the photos, they’ll be lining up to get on the platform themselves and get their own video.

Our sharing stations or direct messaging of videos make delivery to guests’ phones instantaneous in most cases.

Available Options & Upgrades

  • Major customization of artwork and overlays
  • Custom printed platform cover
  • Custom circle barricades for branding
  • Sharing station
  • Web gallery
  • Preregister QR Codes for fast deliver and turnover times

What they're saying about License Plates To Go

Everything went great! Kim and CJ were so gracious and they were wonderful with the students.
The phone cases when great and our students loved the novelty, it was super popular! We’ll be sure to reach out again as needed.

To Go Events LogoFun Fotos To Go is a proud part of the To Go Events family and through that site can offer a number of entertainment options beyond what we offer here.


We are represented in the COLLEGE MARKET exclusively by Everything But the Mime. 9 time winner of “Agency of the Year” by the APCA! Contact them at 407-856-2412 or visit them online.

APCA "Novelty Function of the Year"Fun Fotos To Go was the 2019 Novelty Function of the Year from the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities!

  • An area with a good cell signal and/or full internet for fastest delivery of videos
  • a minimum of a 10′ x 10′ space
  • Access to power to charge batteries
  • Set up is 100% battery powered, but we like to have back up batteries charging.
  • A FLAT area inside or outside (inside is much better)
  • We can be most productive indoors, if outdoors we must be protected from wind and direct sunlight and under cover or a tent & additional fees will apply.
How much space is needed?
  • A minimum of 10′ x 10′ is needed for the booth, and room for the arm to rotate. We recommend a little more room if possible for people to interact, watch, plan and for us to have a device set up for guests to get their videos.
How much power is needed?
Ideally, we should have access to 1 – 110v power outlet on a 20 amp circuit. This is just your typical household electrical outlet.

That being said – we can run this equipment 100% on battery power for up to 6 hours! So if you’re in a trade show booth where power is expensive – we’ve got you covered. If you’re in a field or parking lot – we’ve got you covered.

Can we do our event outdoors?
  • Please let us know the event is outdoors before we give a price quote as events are always quoted with indoor pricing.
  • Note that all outdoor events are scheduled at the customer’s risk – so we strongly recommend that you have a backup plan.
  • To Go Events/Fun Fotos To Go will always maintain the right to refuse to set up outdoors if there is a safety issue because of the weather.
  • If set up outdoors a 10×10 tent should be provided as a shelter for the motorized platform, camera, sharing station and other electronics that can be affected by heat, sunlight, wind, and moisture.
  • Tents outdoors should have sidewalls available to protect from wind.
How are videos distributed?
  • We have options!
    • QR Codes. – Once a video is rendered guests simply click a picture of a QR code with their phone and are taken to their video.
    • Preregistered QR Codes – For high volume events we have guests scan a QR code, then fill out a form on how they want their video delivered. When it’s their turn, they scan the code they were sent and delivery happens automatically from there!
    • Apple AirDrop – Apple devices can have their videos sent via AirDrop instantly.
    • Email – guests give their e-mail and get sent a link to download their video.
    • SMS text message – videos are sent via text message.
    • Sharing Station gives guests all of these options and can also include IG, FB and Snapchat sharing options if they so choose.
    • Gallery – at the end of the event all videos will be in a gallery that the client will have access to.

    Like I said, we’ve got options.

How many guests can be served in an hour?
That depends.

Obviously, if only one person goes, that takes longer than if three people to a video together.

We estimate an average of about 50-60 guests per hour. Each experience, if going full speed, takes about 2 minutes.

Having a separate sharing station or preregistered QR codes (both optional) can help us to serve more guests, more efficiently if speed is a priority over engagement.

Is internet needed?
Yes. And no.

Apple AirDrop can work without internet. Also, we use iPads with a cellular connection for our camera/monitor – so as long as there is a cell signal, we can still upload and send the videos.

If, for some reason, neither an internet connection or cell signal is available, the videos will queue up and will send via the desired method as soon as a signal is available to our device. That’s a “worst case” scenario.

We recommend having an internet connection without restrictions available to us during each event for the very best possible experience.

Do you need a helper?
Not usually. Our staff is well-trained to handle everything solo, or with a teammate in many cases.

If you’re expecting a very large crowd, then help with crowd management is helpful.

Is customization included?
Yes! Basic customization such as overlays of your logo, creating a virtual wall etc is included.

There are a few cases where customization is an additional fee. Those cases are rare and are usually the ones where corporate clients want branding on walls or custom printing where there are actual physical assets that have to be created.

Do you offer discounts?
We offer our services at a fair market price, and don’t usually discount prices.

The exceptions are for routing purposes through APCA or NACA for college customers, and through having To Go Events provide multiple attractions at one event or multiple dates.

How do we request a date or more info?
You can fill out a form here, and we’ll get you info ASAP. Please note that we’re not just the office staff, but also the people hosting the events – so sometimes it takes a couple of hours or more to get back with you.

Colleges – feel free to reach out directly to Everything But the Mime – they represent us in the college market, and if we’re not available for your date, they have others on the agency roster who may be able to help.

What's this going to cost us?
Please fill out a form here, and we’ll get you info – including pricing ASAP. We don’t publish prices on the website as the price is dependent on a few factors such as when, where and environment.

Colleges – feel free to reach out directly to Everything But the Mime – 407-856-2412 for an agent who will be able to help with pricing very quickly.

Does the platform spin?
Ha! We wondered the exact same thing the first time we saw one of the videos.

No, the platform is perfectly stable and measures 34″ wide and about  8″ tall. It’s an easy step up.

The camera is mounted to a motorized arm that rotates the platform mechanically. Built-in safety measures automatically stop the arm if obstructed in any way.

Fill out a form to have info and pricing sent to you. Please include city/state so we can quote travel too.