Quality – vs – Cost in a 360 booth

It’s a common thing – especially for items that seem similar to what others offer (such as the 360° Spin Booth that I’ll be talking about here) to think – one company is almost half the price of the other company. Why? What could possibly be the difference between a $600 spin booth and a $1500 spin booth? EVERYTHING!

We recently worked at an event making street signs and the sponsor had chosen a local vendor to provide a 360 spin booth. I’m certain that they paid very little for the booth, probably in the $500 or less range. They overpaid that vendor. Had they booked a high-quality vendor at three times the price they’d have gotten a much better value and experience. At the initial glance, you may be thinking – there was literally a thousand dollar difference in cost – and, though these are hypothetical numbers as I don’t know what they paid – you’d be correct, but only in the dollar cost.

The cost to the event was a BORING, poorly functioning booth with minimum wage operators who had zero personality. People could sense the lack of quality and avoided it. The platform was flimsy, the arm needed manual assistance as it circled the platform, and the flimsy arm shook as they spun it manually. Though we did not see the videos that were output, we know they had to be shaky and unsteady. My guess is that the branding was minimal as well.

If you pay someone $500 to bore your audience you’ve overpaid. If you’ve paid three times that to have given them awesome experiences they’ll remember for a lifetime – you’ve gotten a good value.

Many people spend money on a photo booth business with the idea that they’ll make a lot of money doing events for $150 an hour. These people seldom have any idea of what it’s like to work with people, to encourage, to entertain, to assist. They think it’s all about the props or the gear. It’s not. At least not for a quality event like we here at To Go Events provide.

We provide clear instructions and directions for a fun, safe and quality 360° spin booth experience. If you want to see what it looks like when a vendor doesn’t manage the group or have quality gear – then check out this video. Every mistake in this video is fixed with either our instructions or our equipment. All spin booths are NOT THE SAME.

Comparisons of a low-cost 360 booth provider and the To Go Events 360° Spin Booth