How many pictures can you take & print per hour?

  • With a single host we can photograph and print 40-60 prints per hour.
  • With 2 hosts we can photograph and print 50-80 per hour - most events include 2 hosts
  • Of course that's moving people through the line fast - if we add costumes or a lot of photo choices that slows things down a bit.
  • We try to strike a balance between fun and speed.
  • Sublimation events (mugs, street signs, dry erase boards etc. may go slightly slower because of the process involved. These events always have two hosts).


How long do you stay at an event?

That's kind of up to you. We have a local minimum of 3 hours for private and corporate events within 90 miles of our home base in Leander, TX (Just north of Austin). The minimum farther than that is 4 hours.

How many people do you send to each event?

Our entire operation can be handled by just one of our event professionals. However, you can elect to have 2, or even 3 people at your event for a nominal extra charge. The advantage to one person is that it costs less, the advantage to additional hosts is that it increases how many pictures per hour we can take and print.

Can we customize our pictures?

Of course! That's one of the fun things about Fun Fotos To Go is that we are virtually unlimited in what we can print as backgrounds and overlays.

What about copyright laws?

We can only work with images that we own the rights to, that we created, or that you specifically own the rights to. That means all magazine covers, celebrities and so on are parodies and are protected by copyright laws that allow parody. We can, of course, use your school or company logo at your events. We'll help you with this.

Can we upload pictures to the Internet?

We have a commerical account with a photo hosting company and can upload the entire batch of pictures taken at an event before we even leave for the day. We'll need have to have an internet connection at the event to do this. Otherwise it takes about 48 hours. These pictures are then free to be shared with friends and family and uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. The whole point of taking pictures is to get people to remember your event!

Can we exclude our group from the uploads?

Of course. If your event has privacy policies that prohibit the sharing of photos we will not upload them. We'll only share pictures with your blessings.

Can you provide samples of every theme?

Since we have the ability to do ANY THEME there's no possible way to have a sample of everything we do. That being said... if you have a specific idea - let's talk and we're happy to do a mock up of a few shots based on your theme.

What size prints do we get?

We usually print on 4x6 paper using a Dye Sublimation printer. It's the same type of print that you get a photograph on when you go get prints at a drug store, Wal-Mart or other such places. In other words - it's a photograph.

We also have the ability to create 5x7 and even 8x10 prints. These however cost more, and take a bit longer to print each one.

Are you wedding photographers?

No. While we certainly set up at weddings and customize pictures for weddings we aren't traditional photographers. We're trained to create novelty party favors that guests take with them. We can't replace a skilled event photographer, and they can't usually do what we do.

How much space do you need?

We need at least a 10x12 space. 10x20 or larger is better. We'll definately need more space if we're doing a shoot with a lot of costumes.

What equipment do you bring?

We bring a green screen backdrop, lights, high quality camera, computer(s), printer(s), event signage, samples and a costume trunk if it's appropriate. We can even bring a pop up tent.

What equipment do we need to provide?

We'll need power that only our equipment is running on. 2 6' tables skirted to match your decor (or we can provide table covers) and a 10x12 or 10x20 (or larger) space.

Can you work outdoors?

It's not really recommended as sunlight plays havoc with the green screens, wind, rain and heat cause problems for electronics that can easily be avoided by working indoors.

That being said - we don't refuse outdoor events - we just require a few things extra for them and there is an additional charge for the work added by being outdoors and the cleaning of equipment afterwards.

What do you need extra for outdoor events?

  • A tent. (we can provide a 10x10 pop-up tent for a slight additional charge)
  • If we're in a covered area a tent is still needed if there is any wind as we can use the sides of the tent to shelter from the wind and to attach our lights to the corners to make it safe.
  • A back up plan in case of inclimate weather.
  • You will assume the risk of rain, snow, high winds or other weather related reasons for cancellation.
  • You will understand that Fun Fotos To Go has the final say on whether conditions are safe.


What if we don't have power for an outdoor event?

We'll need to have power. A generator can work. If necessary we can provide this for an additional fee.

We can also park our Motor Home at the outdoor spot where we're taking photos and use the awning, power and our own Pop Up tents if needed. The Motor Home also makes an excellent wind-break. Inquire about availability and additional costs if you're interested in this self contained option. Pictures would be taken outdoors still, but using the RV's generator etc.

Do you charge by the print?

The price we quote you will include as many photos as we can print during the time we're there. We will restrict it to one photo for each person in the picture. We can, after the event, go back and print additional copies if requested for a small additional fee.

Does it cost more for novelties (keychains, dogtags etc.)

It does cost a bit more for us to put your pictures into a novelty. We will strongly recommend a second person if working with novelties, though we can use a volunteer from your group if you're budget concious. The additional cost will vary based on what you're wanting to put the pictures into.

Having volunteers will help us serve more people in the time that we have.

How far will you travel?

We'll travel around the world if we need to! Of course, travel does cost extra.

We've made an easy map that you can use to get a quick estimate of travel charges when we're driving to an event in Texas. That map is here.

If we're flying to an event, which we do if it's more than a 6-8 hour drive, then airfare ranges from $250-$500 per person, plus $100 for additional luggage if we're just sending one person. We'll give you an exact quote based on where you are in the country. Team up with another event in the area and you can get discounts and share the cost of travel. It's a win-win.

Can we take our own pictures?

Sure, why not. But without our special software and printers you'll just end up with your friends standing in front of a green screen. It's our proprietary software that does the special work - and does it super fast.