Custom Aluminum Cuff Bracelets & Mini Street Signs.

Customized Street Signs

The latest thing in customized jewelry.

Cuff Bracelets

Guests can choose from backgrounds, fonts, Greek Letters, logos, 100+ backgrounds and color combinations to create a fun keepsake piece of jewelry. OR.. they can keep it flat and have a fun "mini street sign" that can be used as a name plate, bookmark, or more.

Happy Cuff Bracelet Customers More Happy Cuff Bracelet Customers

Gus and Kim making bracelets Before they're rounded Mini Street Signs

College Girl with Cuff Bracelet Cuffs for guys too

Each piece is customized just for the person who'll be wearing it and takes just moments from choice of color and wording until they're wearing a new piece of jewelry.

Made from high quality aluminum and printed on the spot.


Some ideas for themes:


  • #Hashtag jewelry - what hashtag best describes you? #awesome!
  • Names - put your name onto a bracelet. Guys can get theirs on Camouflage or diamond plate metal - girls on floral prints - or vice versa if you want!
  • Without bending them - these make great MINI STREET SIGNS!
  • Class Spirit - what class are you in? Wear it with pride.
  • Goal reminders - no need to tie a string around your finger - these cool bracelets will remind you to keep on track.
  • Photo bracelets - put a picture of your favorite person (or yourself) onto a bracelet.
  • Friendship bracelets - get a picture of you and your BFF on a bracelet - we'll print one for each of you.
  • Military hero bracelets - bring a picture of your service man or woman and we'll put it on a bracelet with a yellow ribbon to remind you of them.
  • Monograms - let us put your monogram on a bracelet.
  • Greek Letters - we have all greek letters and can customize your bracelet to represent your fraternity or sorority.