Who are we & what makes us awesome!

Who we are:

Fun Fotos To Go was started by C.J. Johnson, a college and corporate entertainer and Kim Hofstetter a former director of a cosmetology college and a current volunteer leader.

They started Fun Fotos To Go because C.J.'s customers were asking for this service and they wanted to do business with people they knew and trusted to do a great job.

With C.J. & Kim's youngest son going off to the Marine Corps and the two older boys in college, they thought this would be a great way to spend some time together while having a great time.

Once Kim came on board to do all of the organizing (a skill she's excellent at) they knew the business would be a success. You'll often see C.J. & Kim working events together, you'll talk with C.J. on the phone and Kim will provide a great smile, a helping hand and a lot of friendly energy at events.

What makes us awesome

A strong work ethic and a desire to give our customers the very best that every event has to offer no matter what the circumstances or working conditions. We show up on time, well dressed and groomed, with equipment that is top notch and work the entire time we're at an event. Our goal is for your event to be a total success and we'll do whatever we can to help make that happen. Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable and we know how to problem solve if there's a need. You'll never see us throwing our hands up and saying that something can't be done. That's just not who we are or what we're made of.

Once you bring Fun Fotos To Go to your event, you'll make sure we're a part of every event you hold from then on!


Meet The Team

  • C.J. Johnson Co-Owner
  • Kim Hofstetter Co-Owner
  • Cydney Perske Photo Specialist
  • Carol Studer College Agent
  • Togo Mascot

No matter which member of our team hosts your event, you'll get a highly trained, fun, energetic, well dressed professional crew who's sole purpose is to make you and your guests look good.

Before the show we'll work with you to create 4-10 potential photos and overlays that will be customized just for your event including a graphic, the date and event name - all at no extra cost.


We want to earn your business again and again. Our goal is to do such a great job for you that we are automatically included in all future events that you'll plan.